Advisory Service


We are pleased to offer you an advisory service on the breed West Highland White Terrier, free of charge. We consider it very important for every prospect to get as much information as possible on keeping and maintaining this breed before he collects his first dog.

On arrangement, we offer meetings of about 2-3 hours at our home where you will meet us among our pack. On this occasion we will answer to all your requests according to keeping, feeding, grooming, educating and also to the costs that you should expect. We will also inform you about all aspects concerning the breeding regulations of the German breeder association (KfT) to enable you to find the very best breeder for your future puppy. You should, however, not expect any information or critics on other breeders, their kennels or the quality of their stock.

The participation in a meeting does not bind you to buy a dog from our kennel as well as it is no guarantee that you will automatically become a preferred prospect.

If you should intend to meet us at a show, we will also be pleased to take some time for a talk. However, please understand that our time for conversation might be affected by the schedule of judging. The best time to contact us will therefore be after judging is finished.